Sunday, May 31, 2015

She Loves a Good Private Dick

Police Detective Harris from The Case Files of Harvey Valentine

Detective Harris, is a friend of private dick-Harvey Valentine.  An old friend and a good cop.

Harvey Valentine says,

The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in Gold Digger, is based in the mid sized, City of Muskegon, Michigan.  Where in parts of it, homes like these are common place.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Detective Noir with Vincent Price in, LAURA 1944

This classical piece of Noir, co-stars Vincent Price.  The detective in the movie is not a PI, but a police detective, never less a good noir detective flick.  We were unable to find a link on YouTube, the movie is available to stream for free here

She likes it Hard Boiled


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Private Dick Paul Newman in HARPER 1966

Hard Boiled Books has found a free streaming version of HARPER with Paul Newman as the Private Dick.  This is a kind of watch at your own risk link.  We did not have any problems or bugs.  Though it is a bit tricky to get the video to play.  You do not need to down load the suggested media player to watch it.  Just close the advert and enjoy at your own risk.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May Flash Fiction Contest TIME IS RUNNING OUT

Our 1st FLASH FICTION CONTEST for the month of MAY is almost over.  If you have not submitted a piece, please read the submission details here.  The picture to serve as the background for the month of May is here.  The Winners of the May Contest will be announced on JUNE 1ST, when we post the picture for the Month of June.  First place and Second Place winners will have their stories published here on the website, and the 1st place piece for each month will appear in the GUM SHOE MYSTERIES ANTHOLOGY.

Prizes awarded to the winners.

1st Place Prize $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificate will be awarded on the 1st.  (It was posted that prizes and announcements of winners would be the 1st Saturday of the month, this has changed).

1st & 2nd Place winners will receive the kindle version of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE PRIVATE DICK IN GOLD DIGGER 6-6-2015, if not sooner.

The Kindle release of GOLD DIGGER has not been formally announced yet.

Detective Philo Vance in The Canary Murder Case 1929 Noir

Meet the Falcon in, DEVILS CARGO 1948 Detective Noir

We always enjoy finding new fictional detectives we were not aware of.  Here is a classic from the age of Noir.  The Falcon in Devils Cargo.  The Falcon is a magician and adventurer who was on the radio and early television.  There were 16 Falcon films made back in the day, the Devils Cargo is the 14th in the series.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hard Boiled with Lucille Ball in THE DARK CORNER

Everything you want in a film noir. Moody lighting filtered through cigarette smoke and venetian blinds, drinking in the dark, an honest man trying to escape his past and a nefarious man trying to use that past against him. Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb, & Mark Stevens. Stevens is Bradford Galt, a private dick spouting classic hardboiled dialogue (thanks to writers Jay Dratler & Bernard C. Schoenfeld). He wastes no time in getting his new secretary (Ball) involved in his tormented life.

Meet Harvey Valentine in 5 days

Just 5 more days before the World Wide Paperback Release of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE PRIVATE DICK IN GOLD DIGGER.

Hard Boiled Toons with DETECTIVE JOHNSON

A very well done cartoon of a Hard Boiled PI.  Its a bit corny, but worth the 5 minutes to watch it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hard Boiled Detective NOT - Stoned Detective YES INHERIT VICE Full Movie

Just another day here at Hard Boiled Books, conducting our investigations into fictional hard boiled dicks found in the media.  Our sleuthing around the web, has uncovered this PI movie with twist.


In 1970, drug-fueled Los Angeles detective Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend, while getting stoned along the way.  If you got 2 hrs to burn, give it view.

The movie is streamed FREE, through a third party website.  Watch it here.

Monday evening hard boiled movie- GUNN directed by Blake Edwards

Gunn 1967 Mystery Stars: Laura Devon, Craig Stevens, Edward Asner, Director: Blake Edwards Blake Edwards directed this big-screen adaptation of the once-popular TV detective series Peter Gunn, which Edwards helped create. Peter Gunn (Craig Stevens) is a tough but polished private eye who fights crime with the help of friendly advice from an inside source at the police department, Lt. Jacoby (Edward Asner), no-nonsense nightclub owner Mother (Helen Traubel), and Gunn's best girl, Edie (Laura Devon). When a top crime boss is assassinated, Gunn is called in to investigate. Fusco (Albert Paulson) is a mobster poised to take over the city's criminal empire, and Daisy Jane (Marion Marshall) is a madame who thinks that Fusco pulled the trigger to further his own career. Jane wants Gunn to dig up the truth about Fusco, though Daisy Jane turns out to be the one with the biggest secret of all. Gunn retains Henry Mancini's memorable theme music from the original show, and brought back Craig Stevens, who played Peter Gunn on the original TV series, though Herschel Bernardi and Lola Albright were replaced as (respectively) Jacoby and Edie.

Martin Kane The District Attorney Killer Full episode

Something we enjoy at Hard Boiled Books if finding new hard boiled PI's in fiction, film or radio. Enjoy this episode of Martin Kane, The District Attorney Killer.  This is from season 2 episode 20. We will post periodically shows in random order from this series from the 1940's.  Martin Kane, is one of the first PI shows to appear on television.

Private Dick Advertising from the Past

Its interesting to look at old advertising from the past, particularly that of Private Investigators. Harvey Valentine, the fictional private dick created by author, R. Archer uses a simple business card, which will be posted to the site following this grouping of advertisements.   The author will have Harvey Valentine Business Cards printed, to be given away with autographed copies of the pilot novel of The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in Gold Digger.  The business cards will make great book markers for the paperback edition.

Until then enjoy these classic advertisements-

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sam Shovel comedy sketch by magician, Wayne Dobson

This is really good humor poked at the PI.  Good stuff, I would say, Wayne was inspired by Abbott and Costello's radio  program.

Sam Shovel Abbott and Costello Parody of Sam Spade Old Time Radio Broadcast

Sorry folks could only find this on YouTube.  The back ground image is of Sam Spade, not sure why the uploader chose that background, and the Sam Shovel part of the broadcast doesn't actually start till 19:12.  It is funny.

Watch FREE- MARLOWE 1969 James Gardner as Phillip Marlowe, with Bruce Lee

Here's a chance to watch MARLOWE 1969 starring James Gardner as Phillip Marlowe, has a small part by Bruce Lee.  I would say this is probably how Gardner got his start to the Rockford Files.

This movie is available on google for 2.99 and other streaming media outlets for a fee, but Hard Boiled Books found a FREE streaming copy, enjoy!  Just click here to watch, sorry there is no embed code.

Not the site requires a sign up, and lets you watch 3 movies for free.

Sunday evening movie with Raymond Chandler- Farewell, my lovely (1975)

A pretty good movie that fans of Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe will enjoy.  There is a small bit appearance by, Sylvester Stallone.  One of Stallone's better acting jobs.   If this reviewer recalls correctly, Stallone did not even say a word in the movie.  He was only in 3 scenes.    Rather than give any spoiler alerts about this Neo Noir PI flick, you must watch it yourself.

If we were to give it stars, 4 out of 5.

Rock Slyde Comedy PI Noir Trailer

For some comedy private eye noir, give Rock Slyde a watch.   Stars  Patrick Warburton, the man who brought the live action show of The Tick, to life brings us Rock Slyde, with Andy Dick.

Jack Webb as, Johnny Madero Pier 23 Old Time Radio Broadcast

Jack Webb not only played Jeff Regan private investigator, and Pat Novak for Hire, he also played Johny Madero Pier 23, which is very similar to Pat Novak for Hire, before going on to do Dragnet.

Friday, May 22, 2015

There's no Dick better, than a Private Dick


What would Harvey Valentine say?

Fellow Hard Boiled and Noir buffs, June 1st 2015, Hard Boiled Books will release





This will be our first novel publication from noted best selling author, R. Archer.  Archer is noted for giving us tongue and cheek laughs with his works of political satire, comedy, comedy-horror, speculative fiction and erotic-horror.  Now the author advances to the stage of Novelist, with The Case Files of Harvey Valentine.  A planned series, with the pilot novel: GOLD DIGGER, starting it off for private dick, Harvey Valentine.

Harvey Valentine is a private investigator, a PI with a conscience that seems to get in the way, most of the time, but he does manage to get the job done.  The Case Files of Harvey Valentine is not your typical private detective fiction.  As the author puts it, "the book brings to life, everyday occurrences of life not normally written about."   And the author will having you grinning, and squeaking with laughter besides delivering hard hitting, hard boiled action with Harvey Valentine.

The story is centered around a mid size town in Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan, not a place where you would think you would find corruption, but corruption finds Harvey in Gold Digger. Written in a Noir PI style that will have NOT wanting to put the book down till you have finished it.  

So what would Harvey Say?  Find out by continuing to follow this blog.  Hard Boiled Books will be posting daily starting 5/23/15, short excerpts of dialogue and prose from THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE PRIVATE DICK IN GOLD DIGGER.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Who is your favorite Hard Boiled Dick?

Who is your favorite Hard Boiled Dick?

Peter Chambers
Sam Spade
Phillip Marlowe
Mike Hammer
Poll Maker

Old Time Radio Broadcast of, TRUE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES Rattle Snake Barefoot Bride

We love OLD TIME RADIO here at Hard Boiled Books.  Please enjoy TRUE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES,

This episode is titled-

Rattle Snake Barefoot Bride

This Is It, Michael Shayne (1960) Thursday evening PI NOIR

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

THIN MAN Trophy for Top Crime Mystery Writers: HAMMETT PRIZE

We here, love to share great information about the Hard Boiled genre with all of you, and love to share information that pertains to writing this genre of crime fiction.  For fellow crime-mystery writers, who are not aware of this, there are many different writing contests out there available to writers of the genre, this post will focus on the HAMMETT PRIZE.

The WINNER of the HAMMETT Prize, will receive a 'thin man' trophy for there previously unpublished work, of novel length.  For more information visit the Hammett Prize page.  The deadline for entry is December 15th 2015.   

Writers Wanted Monthly Open Call

Hard Boiled Books sponsors a monthly FLASH FICTION contest.

We would love to have you take part and read your submissions.  For GUIDELINES click here.  Accepted FLASH fiction must be within the genre of mystery, preferably hard boiled detective type fiction, murder mystery, who done it and it must fit the PICTURE posted for the month (let it be a scene in your story or what prompts your story) has been posted.  The time is going by fast to get your submissions in for the month of May.  Multiple submissions are OK.  Word length should be within the range of a 1000 to 1500 words.  The monthly winner will have their story published on our blog, and their story will appear in the anthology:  GUMSHOE MYSTERIES.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Late Night Murder Mystery with, Murder by Invitation

For those late night folks, having trouble sleeping, get off Facebook, and check out this Noir!

Judging from the comments left on Youtube for this flick, it should be a an enjoyable movie.  Hard Boiled Books takes delight in bringing its readers top notch, Hard Boiled and Mystery Media, when we find it.  So please tuck yourself in, dim lights, and give this bit of Mystery Noir a watch, and see if it keeps you awake or puts you to sleep.

Want to be a Sleuth?

The staff of Hard Boiled Books appreciates the gaming experience, several of our staff are RPG gamers.  Yes the pen, paper and dice type, but a few have been known to play the online RPG's that are out there.  We have come across a online RPG, were the players are detectives, trying to solve mysteries.  This staff writer doesn't have the time to play the game himself, but it looked very interesting, and something that noir, detective and RPG gaming buffs might enjoy.  Check it out and let us know if you would with a follow comment to this post what your thoughts were on the game! It would be appreciated.


Give em Hell Malone or to Hell with Malone A HARD BOILED MOVIE REVIEW

Hard Boiled Books was very disappointed with this movie, Give em Hell Malone.  We do note that it did have some good points, which we will highlight after giving a bit of  synopsis on the movie.  First this movie was viewed on Hulu Plus, if anybody cares.

When finding this movie, we were hopeful that it would turn out to be a good PI movie in a neo Noir tradition.  At least the producers and directors got the Noir tradition correct with the look and attitude of the main character, Malone.   The old car was sweet, but it resembled the muscle car used by Stallone in one of his loner bad ass cop movies, which just happens to escape us (reason: we are not huge Stallone fans).  Besides the bad ass car, the look of the character, and his bad ass attitude that is flashed to us like a comic book, the best part of the movie was the first ten minutes, where he kills everybody.

Going to see mom was kind of a sweet touch to the film, but over all the character lacked in our opinion (mind the phrase-everybody has one), any real back bone.  It was cut and past with the dialogue of the character manly low brow, and borrowed content from countless "done before," scenes.  Like the fun house mirror scene.  That scene has been done so many times in movies it is terrible.  Conan the Destroyer came to mine while watching the flick.  Hard Boiled Books could not finish watching the damn thing.  We were over all disappointed, the film, character, and story line started with promise, but ended up being a rerun.  Maybe they should re-title this, To Hell with Malone.  A trailer is given for view enjoyment.  It's one of those movies, where watching the trailer is better than the movie


Mickey Spillane did it in The Girl Hunters 1962

Hard Boiled Author, Mickey Spillane, the creator of Mike Hammer, did what not many authors before him or after him have been able to do.

Star as their own main character.  Not even Horror legend Stephen King has starred as one of his main characters, consider all the films he has made a camo appearance.  Here is a small clip of Mickey Spillane, playing the part of Mike Hammer in, The Girl Hunters (1962).  He questions a chick in a bikini.

Bit of trivia, the girl he is questioning was the woman painted in gold paint in the James Bond movie, Gold Finger, filmed much later.  The actress did pass away from the body paint, a sad note.

Monday Night NOIR with, MIKE HAMMER - I The Jury -1953

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Old Time Radio Spot Light- BullDog Drummond Death Loops the Loop

Hard Boiled Books is always on a quest to find NEW, Old Time Radio Private Dicks, unknown to us. Give a listen to this Hard Boiled Dick from across the Atlantic.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Night Hard Boiled Movie- Mike Hammer, My Gun Is Quick

Mike Hammer, My Gun Is Quick 


June 1st, Hard Boiled Books will release



The Author is giving way a FREE AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK COPY to one lucky person.
Sorry the lucky person to receive this FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY must reside within the United States, UK, or Canada.

When we do the Kindle release of this Novel, we will be giving a way a limited number of FREE KINDLE COPIES to FANS as well.  World Wide, no distribution boundaries for FREE KINDLE COPIES to lucky Fans.

However, Hard Boiled Books, will be releasing this new Novel from Master Story Teller, R. Archer in Paperback format first, followed by the Kindle Release one week later on JUNE 8TH.  So if Lady Luck was not on your side in the Random Drawing for a FREE AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK COPY, you may still get a chance at being randomly selected by the author to receive a FREE KINDLE COPY June 8th.

Yes, the under lining question is?  How do I get selected to win a FREE PAPERBACK COPY of HARVEY VALENTINE in GOLD DIGGER.

The answer is:

Be a member of FACEBOOK, and join the Facebook Event:  Paperback Release of Harvey Valentine.  While your at it, please LIKE the postings on the event page, and friend request the author, it would be appreciated.  And be sure to request an INVITE to the event.  INVITEES attending the FACEBOOK PAPERBACK RELEASE EVENT will be randomly drawn to receive a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE Private Dick in GOLD DIGGER.

The day of the release Hard Boiled Books will be making available Hard Boiled Wear, t-shirts with our logo, and shirts promoting Harvey Valentine.    As an added BONUS, the Winner of the FREE paperback will also receive, a Harvey Valentine Business Card, makes the perfect book marker.

Even if you do win a FREE COPY please visit our Facebook Event for excerpts from the Novel, and more, including a chance to purchase an autographed copy of the Novel at discount from the Author.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hard Boiled Old Time Radio Parody with Mike Moby, Private Dick

This was originally played on the Howard Stern Show.

Welcome Author, Michael W. Clark to Gumshoe Mysteries

Hard Boiled Books is pleased to welcome, GUMSHOE AUTHOR

Michael W. Clark, Ph.D.

To the Hard Boiled Books Anthology, GUMSHOE MYSTERIES, with his accepted short story


There is still plenty of time to submit your own Hard Boiled Short Story for consideration in the Anthology.  It would be our pleasure to read your submissions and consider your piece.  Deadline is OCTOBER 1ST 2015.  Enter Now.

Jeff Regan, Investigator -OLD TIME RADIO Broadcast - The Lady With The Golden Hair

More of Jack Webb, as Jeff Regan.  Great Stuff!

Mid Friday Morning Movie- The FAT MAN 1951

The Fat Man was a hefty detective that first appeared on radio from 1940's through 1950's.  Hard Boiled Books will be introducing Old Time Radio broadcasts of The Fat Man in future posts, but now we would like to share a rare find.  There was one movie, a failed TV pilot as listed under some sources, of The Fat Man.

Please enjoy this rare Hard Boiled Classic of THE FAT MAN.

Friday Morning Mystery Movie- The Spanish Cape Mystery, with Ellery Queen

What a better way to start the day, if you have nothing better to do.  Forget the news, it will only piss you off.  Sit back and watch some Detective Noir with Hard Boiled Books.  Today we spot light, Ellery Queen.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet Harvey Valentine PI - Hard Boiled Author Interview with R. ARCHER

Harvey Valentine


is not your typical private detective and neither is,THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE Private Dick in GOLD DIGGER, the first full length novel from noted best selling short story author, R. Archer.

When Hard Boiled Books asked the author about Harvey Valentine, this is what he had to say:

HBB:  How did you create Harvey Valentine?

R. Archer:  Harvey was created after listening to several different Old Time Radio shows, notably Crime with Peter Chambers by Henry Kane, Jeff Regan, Phillip Marlowe, among a few others. Listening to these shows reminded me of my early child hood, early 70's, when some of these shows were still broad cast on regular radio on occasion, and found on audio cassette. It also brought back memories of TV shows like Mike Hammer, and Magnum PI, though Magnum is not of the same Hard Boiled detective types as the others noted.

HBB:  Describe Harvey Valentine for our readers.

R. Archer:  Harvey Valentine is cut from the tough guy cloth of private investigators.   He looks at things in a gritty point of view, reason I wrote the novel in first person, to capture the narration of Harvey's way of thinking, and putting things together.  Yet Harvey is almost insanely conscientious about everything he does.

HBB: You mention that Harvey Valentine is a middle age man, 50 years old, he seems to be in good shape, somewhat of a ladies man, what else can you tell us about Harvey Valentine?

R. Archer:  His calling card reads, Harvey Valentine - Private Dick.  Harvey can be a dick in more ways than one, and I do not mean sexually either.

HBB:  Are you working on another Harvey Valentine Novel?

R. Archer:  Of course, Gold Digger, was the pilot novel for The Case Files of Harvey Valentine as I like to think about.  A chance for me to explore the character and my readers as well.  I really enjoyed writing Harvey Valentine, the novel flowed from my fingers tips. I might dare say it was channeled from my Muse.  It was strange, I have written everything but a novel as far as a story goes, from flash to novellas, but could never seem to break the hurdle of a novel length story, until I starting writing Harvey Valentine.

HBB:  How long did it take you to write Harvey?

R. Archer:  That was the crazy part, little more than a week, part time.  Almost 50,000 words, 210 pages.    The next Harvey Valentine novel I am planning on being longer, about 300 plus pages, not sure,   Started writing it already and about a third of the way to my goal.

HBB:  How long do you think it will take to write this one?

R. Archer:  Not sure, I put about 4 days into it part time.  Once I get going, it just flows, but I been busy with other projects, but will have it finished up by the end of the month I would think no problem.

HBB: What's the name of the next book in the series.

R. Archer:  The next book I hope will be released JULY 1ST.   The working title of it is, The Judge and the Jesus Freak.

HBB:  Can you give us a synopsis of the next the Harvey Valentine adventure?

R. Archer:  Not at this time, I would prefer not to, other than to say, the subtitle should give you an idea what the story will be about.

HBB:  Is there anything else you would like to say about Harvey Valentine?

R. Archer:  The Case Files of Harvey Valentine, is more than just a private detective story, it contains the elements of life that we all encounter, but do not normally read about.

HBB:  Can you give us more detail about that last answer?

R. Archer:  Sure read the book!



Watch this episode of Richard Diamond with Hard Boiled Books.

Richard Diamond, Hard Boiled Dick Spot Light

Richard Diamond, is American private detective drama by the famous, Blake Edwards.  The show ran on radio from 1949 -1953.  The voice of Richard Diamond, was played by Dick Powell. A Hard Boiled Dick Actor, who we will spot light later in a future blog.

Richard Diamond, Private Detective was one of the early radio shows to make the cross over to television.   The TV show ran for 3 years, from 1957-1960.  

Hard Boiled Books will be posting- Richard Diamond, Private Detective Old Time Radios and TV episodes for your listening and viewing enjoyment in future posts.  Please give them a watch or listen.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best Private Dick Actors

Hard Boiled Books, the place for pulp, noir private eye fiction and media spot lights the BEST PRIVATE DICK ACTORS.

This month we spot light


Jack Webb as Joe Friday-Dragnet

Jack Webb was perhaps most famous for his role as Joe Friday in Dragnet.  Dragnet like many of the early TV shows of the black and white era, found there origins in Radio (Old Time Radio).  Jack Webb, like many of the early TV shows of that time made the transition from radio to television.

Jack was a natural as a HARD BOILED PI, he starred as Pat Novak on KFRC radio, then as Jeff Regan, perhaps his two best private detective shows.  Then along came fame like a dame with a milliion bucks, Jack landed on CBS radio with Dragnet and made the transition to television and later movies.  Like they say, the rest is history.

Jeff Regan Old Time Radio Broadcast The Prodigal Daughter

Besides Peter Chambers, Jeff Regan is one of our favorite PI's.  Listen to this great episode with JACK WEBB from Dragnet as Jeff Regan in, The Prodigal Daughter

Monday, May 11, 2015

HARVEY VALENTINE arrives JUNE 1st 2015

The paperback novel release of, THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE Private Dick in GOLD DIGGER, will be released JUNE 1ST 2015 at HARDBOILEDBOOKS.INFO &


Famous Hard Boiled Dicks

The famous hard boiled private investigator or private detective, who are they?

The younger generation envisions a tall man with sun glass, cruising the streets of Honolulu in a Ferrari, sporting a name that brings to mind a hand gun.

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I>

Sorry, Magnum you're no Hard Boiled Dick!

The older generation, and those of us who appreciate the finer things, will recall the names of these famous private dicks.

  • Sam Spade
  • Phillip Marlowe
  • Peter Chambers
  • The Fatman
  • Jeff Regan
  • Nero Wolfe
  • Perry Mason

These are but just a few of the Hard Boiled Dicks that make the Genre of Hard Boiled P.I. fiction what it is.  Sorry Magnum.

Each week, Hard Boiled Books will be presenting Old Time Radio Classics of these great private dicks.  And when we can find them, we will present movies of these memorable characters as well.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hard Boiled Books on Twitter

Today we finally decided to start a twitter account.  Please visit our Twitter page, and follow us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hard Boiled Books on Google Plus

Hard Boiled Books is now on Google Plus, please visit our page and PLUS us!


Hard Boiled Wear

If you would like to help support Hard Boiled Books by showing your pride in the Hard Boiled Genre of pulp detectives and film noir, then please get your very own HARD BOILED "OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS."

We will be making more T-SHIRTS available as they arrive from our design team.  This is just a Preview of things to come.  T-SHIRTS will be available for purchase JUNE 1ST when Hard Boiled Books launches the release of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE Private Dick in GOLD DIGGER.

Cop Hater 1958 Screen Play- Henry Kane

Cop Hater 1958
Screenplay:  HENRY KANE

Hard Boiled Books cannot 100% officially confirm if Hard Boiled author, Henry Kane, wrote the screen play for this movie, but we believe he did.  Please watch the movie with us, and feel free to leave a comment-review at the end of the post.

Hard Boiled Author Spot Light HENRY KANE

Author Henry Kane, penned over 30, Crime With Peter Chambers Novels, and many short stories around this fictional P.I.  We here at Hard Boiled Books will occasional spot light a Hard Boiled Author from the Past, and we are starting with one of our personal favorites- HENRY KANE.

Hard Boiled Books invites you to listen to Old Time Radio written, produced, and directed by the author himself, Henry Kane.  To check out a broadcast from the past, from CBS radio, complete with the commercials (these are great-a chance to listen to history), play the Youtube link in right margin.

In researching the author Henry Kane, we discovered he was a lawyer, who preferred to write books than practice law.  Our discovery also uncovered 3 Movies, we believe Henry Kane wrote the screen plays for.

  • The Gunman in the Streets. 1950
  • The Mugger.  1958
  • Cop Hater. 1958

Try as we could we could not find a link to The Mugger or The Gunman in the Streets , but we did find a link to the full movie of COP HATER.  Hard Boiled Books will post the full movie link in  separate post.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Flash Fiction Contest

Today we start taking entries for our Monthly HARD BOILED Flash Fiction Mystery Writing Contest.  For details on what to submit and how to submit please see the HARD BOILED FLASH MYSTERY CONTEST page.  Each month we post a picture that will serve as the back drop for the contest.  Stories are to center around the image in the picture.  You create the story and details, keeping it between 1000-1500 words.  Stories must be with of the Hard Boiled Genre and formatted properly.  The deadline is 5/31/15.  First, Second and Third place Winners will be announced 6/1/15.   See CONTEST PAGE for winning prizes.

To submit your Flash fiction for consideration, please submit to  please attach your work, do not include it in the body of your email.  Title your email; FLASH SUBMISSION.  If you have questions, please title your email: QUERY.  We will answer queries as soon as possible.

Submissions, please include a brief bio about yourself, no more than 300 words in the body of your email.

We will not contact you by email if your story has been chosen as a winner prior to the announcement and posting of your story to the Hard Boiled Website.  Accepted pieces and Winners will be announced here on the website.  We will contact winners after the announcing them here first on the website, to obtain personal information to give away prizes.



This being the initial start of the Flash Monthly Contest, we have started later than we normally would have liked to, However future Monthly Contests pics will be posted on the 1st of each month, starting with June 1st.

Winners for month will be announced the 1st of the New month following here on out.

Mike Hammer Kiss Me Deadly MICKEY SPILLANE

Break time with Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer!  This is not the TV show Mike Hammer. Film Noir buffs put your phones on vibrate, the movie is about to begin.  Hard Boiled Books will post a review of this Mickey Spillane Classic in a following blog, so sit back and enjoy!  Feel free to post your review commentary at the bottom of this post.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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Hard Boiled Books, would love nothing more than if you were to FOLLOW US.

Well, "How in the Hell can I do that?"  you ask.

At the moment, we are still in the construction stages of building our website, so bare with!  But seriously folks, at the moment you are welcome to follow us by the following media choices:

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If you happen to be a member of FACEBOOK, TWITTER or GOOGLE PLUS we ask if you would help spread the word about us, by LIKING US on GOOGLE PLUS, and SHARING us on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK that you may be on.  We would really appreciate the support.

Mickey Spillane's The Delta Factor

As promised here at Hard Boiled Books, we will be posting different Hard Boiled Media that is relevant to the content of our website, and the fiction that we publish.  Our goal here, is that visitors to the Hard Boiled Books website will not only visit us for up to date news about our publications, but visit us for Hard Boiled content conveniently found here, (we don't promise you won't find the additional media content somewhere else, but we have organized relevant content that is supportive of our goal- publishing Hard Boiled Fiction, and we hope you will enjoy it!).

Without further introduction, please enjoy:

The Hard Boiled Tradition

The Hard Boiled Private Investigator Tradition, is often portrayed in:
  • Film Noir movies, 
  • Old Time Radio broadcasts, 
  • Pulps, Detective Mysteries
  • Serials, Books of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. 
Pulp Detective Mystery

Here at Hard Boiled Books, besides publishing Hard Boiled Detective Novels, the Gumshoe Mysteries Anthology, and our Monthly Flash Contest, we will post content from these different types of media noted above.  As they serve as inspiration for what we do here at Hard Boiled Books, which is create some of the finest Hard Boiled Indie Literature on the planet.