Monday, May 11, 2015

Famous Hard Boiled Dicks

The famous hard boiled private investigator or private detective, who are they?

The younger generation envisions a tall man with sun glass, cruising the streets of Honolulu in a Ferrari, sporting a name that brings to mind a hand gun.

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I>

Sorry, Magnum you're no Hard Boiled Dick!

The older generation, and those of us who appreciate the finer things, will recall the names of these famous private dicks.

  • Sam Spade
  • Phillip Marlowe
  • Peter Chambers
  • The Fatman
  • Jeff Regan
  • Nero Wolfe
  • Perry Mason

These are but just a few of the Hard Boiled Dicks that make the Genre of Hard Boiled P.I. fiction what it is.  Sorry Magnum.

Each week, Hard Boiled Books will be presenting Old Time Radio Classics of these great private dicks.  And when we can find them, we will present movies of these memorable characters as well.