Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's a BEST SELLER! The Killer was No Lady RANKS # 3 on Amazon Kindle

1st day of "Official" release of THE KILLER WAS NO LADY finished the day at # 3 on the Amazon Best Seller List.

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 


    Sam Hill Kindle Short Read # 11 THE KILLER WAS NO LADY

    The newest Edition to the Hard-Boiled Short Series, SAM HILL Private Investigator, marks # 11 in this series from author R. Archer and Hard-Boiled Books.

    It's a blast from the past!
    Step back in time to 1950 with wise-cracking private detective Sam Hill as he tackles cases filled with a variety of interesting characters. Each Case will bring a grin or a laugh with each new read. And maybe a bit of awe, in the sense, that Sam Hill is not Politically Correct!

    True to the nature of the 1950s before there was political correctness, a simpler time in life existed in American History, before the computer and the cell phone, a time when a private dick has to use his wits and a bit of muscle (and his gun) to battle the crime of the day to solve a case, rescue a Dame or put the bad guy behind bars. It's action, thrills, excitement and tongue firmly implanted in check, hard-boiled fiction as never told before.

    Well, almost never. The author discovered the character Sam Hill in the public domain, another forgotten pulp character (detective), unlike some public domain pulp characters that have seen a rebirth in modern times with the resurgence of classic pulp fiction, like, Doc Savage, The Spider, The Shadow, just to name a few. The author a fan of the old pulps and the creator and author of Harvey Valentine, found something special in the old Sam Hill.

    He breathed new life into the character and made Sam Hill,  grittier and sarcastic than the original character ever was, making Sam Hill his own.

    So, sit back, relax, close that porn playing in the background and get a copy of  THE KILLER WAS NO LADY for FREE! Yes, we said for Free! Now you can't beat that! You can go back to beating whatever after you have read this piece of Hard-boiled, detective pulp fiction.

    The Killer was No Lady is FREE 12/30-31/15
    Otherwise it's $1.99 or FREE 24/7 with Kindle Unlimited.

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015

    The Judge and the Cultist HOT OFF THE PRESS!


    Get it HOT off the press for $3.99 ecopy only. Paperback will be available January 1st.


    Get your hands on the latest episode of SAM HILL Private Investigator.  Sam is the target for murder, and he believes Roxy is out to kill him. It's more fun that getting poked in the eye with a stick!

    Enjoy this FREE COPY of


    Coming Soon From Hard-Boiled Books

    Many new things are on the horizon here at Hard-Boiled Books. This week in the remaining days before the New Year, we expect to release THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST.

    The Judge and the Cultist is the second Novel in The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick. It will appear first on Amazon Kindle and then be followed up by the Paperback edition and distributed to all the major retail outlets: Barnes & Nobes, Itunes, Scribd, Smashwords, Kobo and more.

    The release of THE KILLER WAS NO LADY (A Sam Hill Hard-boiled Short #11) will take place Wednesday 12/30/15 and be made available for FREE all day!

    Make sure you get your copy!

    Our goals is to publish all the SAM HILL shorts in one volume. Look for it New Years Eve or New Years Day! It will contain all 11 of the individual Sam Hill short stories, plus a never before published short, #12.

    The past year has been a great year for us with the publication of 3 Novels (maybe 4), and the publication of 17 ebooks/chap books.

    The coming year we hope to publish several more novels and more outstanding short stories.

    Happy New Year!

    Thursday, December 24, 2015

    Who are the Top-Notch Private Detectives

    There are a ton of lists out there online for almost anything. The best movies, books, etc. Including lists of the Best Fictional Detectives.

    Here's our Hard-Boiled List of Top-Notch Private Dicks as compiled by Hard-Boiled Books. Now to be considered a Top-Notch Private Dick, the fictional character must be of the noir era (30's to 50's) to modern times.

    • Harvey Valentine
    • Jeff Regan
    • Phillip Marlowe
    • Matt Slade
    • Peter Chambers
    • Pat Novack
    • Michael Shayne
    • Sam Hill
    • Artemus Black

    Expanded Distribution with GOOGLE PLAY

    Hard-Boiled Books is proud to announce our partnership with Google Play. At current, because of contractual obligations we are only offering our Novels and select short reads in the Google Play market. The Secret Cabal can be found at Google Play, and look for GOLD DIGGER very soon, and THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST (Novel 2 in The Case Files of Harvey Valentine).

    Who remembers this guy?

    Wednesday, December 23, 2015

    Pulp Detective Cover # 2

    What a creepy cover. Gives us ideas for a story or two!

    Pulp Detective Covers #1

    The Hard-Boiled Blog

    Hard-Boiled Books is a Publisher of Hard-Boiled Fiction and the pulp magazine Hard-Boiled Pulp. We are an Indie Publisher and enjoy the select market we have chosen to write and publish in. We find inspiration and reverence for Hard-Boiled fiction, and not only the fiction found in books, but in videos, television shows, and Old Time Radio shows, all of which we attempt to share with our patrons through our blog.

    Adding to our line up of quality hard-boiled entertainment will be a choice selection of Pulp Detective book and magazine covers. These old covers are AWESOME if you appreciate the pulp era, detective fiction and of course, the terrific art found on each cover.

    Front Page Detective - Alibi for suicide (1951)

    A newspaper columnist who helps police solve especially difficult mysteries. The title derived from a popular mystery magazine of the same name.


    If you haven't read wise-cracking hard-boiled Private Eye, Sam Hill, then your missing out on the fun and the action. Take a trip back in time to 1950. To a time before there was political correctness and enjoy this tale of a noir detective with a knack for finding the strangest cases.


    Coming very soon, we hope by the end of the month, but if not, then look for this 2nd Novel in the Harvey Valentine Private Dick Series around the 1st of the Year.

    The novels are where it all began. The author R. Archer wrote Gold Digger, the first Harvey Valentine Novel in 2015, and began writing the 2nd novel (The Judge and the Cultist) before even finishing the first novel. He completed it a month later. The intent was to release it sooner in 2015, but with the way life is, busy as it is, it got set back a bit, but the good news it will be published and released by the end of this month. That is our goal to have had 3 Novels by R. Archer published this year in 2015, the year they were written in.

    Here is a fun, excerpt from THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST.

    Brief Synopsis:

    Harvey is hired by the wife of a Judge, who, it seems has lost all interest in her and their marriage; hired to find out what is occupying the Judges free time and thoughts, Harvey discovers a cult, led by a charismatic leader and encounters a list of characters that will make you grin or laugh.

    (c) 2015. R. Archer.

    My old friend Detective Harris would joke I looked like a college professor or an author. A compliment that others had bestowed on me as well. I took note of the comment and often used it to serve as background for undercover work and would introduce myself when asked what I did for a living? My favorite was to tell people I was a professor at Miskatonic University. A fictional place, appearing in the literary works based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.  
    If asked here tonight, my alibi would be I was an author. I liked to mix it up once in a while.
    The sound of a body hitting the floor got my attention two pews over to the left. A gentlemen sitting next to whom I presumed was his wife, bobbed forward, unstable, he tried to raise his hands to steady himself, and the effort made him pass out. The man, of about thirty, fell forward, his shoulder hitting the pew in front of him. He slowly slid down the back of the pew and hit the floor hard in the isle next to the man already on the floor.
    “Jesus Christ,” I said aloud, breaking my silence. I looked around to see if my utterance drew any attention. Nobody paid me any. The minister finally stood up straight.
    “Jesus speaks through me God’s children.”  His voice boomed through the rafters of the church. “Listen to his words,”
    he barked in a deep bass.
    The pigeon spooked once again, fluttered about in a chaotic circle over the congregation. It shit as it passed over the minister and the altar.
    The pigeon shit sailed like a paratrooper descending at a forty-five-degree angle. The poo hit the side of the altar and stuck.

    The Lord God gave me a sign. This sham was nothing but bullshit or pigeon shit. The parishioners didn’t think so. A few gasps arose from the pews, and “Awes”.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    Free Wednesday 12-23-15 THE FLYING MONEY CAPER - A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

    Free Tomorrow Wednesday 12-23-15

    A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

    Get your FREE kindle copy! Makes a great gift for yourself! Enjoy the wise-cracking adventures of private eye, SAM HILL. 

    The Sam Hill short read series provides aprox. 30 minutes of entertainment you can't find anywhere else for the price. Forget them rerun's, and all the crap on the TV, sit back and enjoy Sam Hill.

    Expanding our distribution Markets for our Novels

    Expanding our distribution Markets for our Novels

    Hard-Boiled Books is proud to announce that we have extended our distribution markets. Up until now we have primarily focused distributing our books exclusively through Amazon and the Amazon Kindle Market. Meaning our books have only been available for purchase through Amazon either as paperbacks our electronic (Kindle) and the very few expanded markets that Amazon distributes. At the moment the only books offered outside of Amazon are the NOVELS:


    Both these novels are currently available in electronic format through

    • Amazon 
    • Itunes 
    • Scribd 
    • PageFoundry 
    • Kobo 
    • Smashwords 

    Pending Markets

    • Google play 
    • Nook/Barnes & Nobles 
    • More on the way 

    We will continue to offer our Hard-Boiled Short Read Series as Kindle exclusives until further notice.

    Monday, December 21, 2015


    A rare, hard-boiled detective TV show from 1952.

    The Amazing Mr. Malone

    In the days of Noir, and black and white before there was TV, there was old time radio (OTR), and not all the private dicks swinging back in those days were actually private detectives. Lawyers often portrayed the roles of sleuths, and the Amazing Mr. Malone was one of them.  Written by Craig Rice,
    who at one time excelled Agatha Christy in sales. She wrote 14 novels and countless short stories in her time.

    Take thirty minutes of your time, shut off the streaming media, or the boob tube and give a listen to THE AMAZING MR. MALONE.

    Saturday, December 19, 2015


    Enjoy a FREE COPY of WITNESS TO MURDER A kindle short read by outstanding author of crime fiction, R. ARCHER.

    Treat yourself for Christmas.

    Friday, December 18, 2015

    Thursday, December 17, 2015

    Ben Casey Crime Reporter THE SECRET CABAL

    Watch this Book Trailer from Hard-Boiled Books.


    In our absence

    Sorry, folks and regular visitors to Hard-Boiled Books. The Management has been on vacation! NOT! That was not the case, but to answer the mystery as to where we've been is complicated and simple at the same time. Your publisher, R. Archer, a man of many obligations has been working on overtime  to finish his associates degree in Paralegal Studies this quarter. He is proud and relieved to announce that he has finished and graduated with his degree after 2.5 years of full-time study. Yeah!

    Now we can get back to work around here by presenting what we love to do, with a passion, and that is to bring you original hard-boiled pulp fiction with a few extras on the side, like choice, hand-picked hard-boiled media. From movies to old time radio classics, as well other interesting related media.

    As Harvey Valentine would say, "Get on with it already!"

    So- here is what's coming up. A return to regular programming, so there will be a new featured Old Time Radio Private Dick for this month.  Look for it! As well as a few other gems. More FREE books and exciting announcement about NEW RELEASES as well as some other choice content.

    Because of the issue with Midterms, then finals for the last quarter for the publisher and trying to balance everything, and not to mention no time to complete projects. The November Issue was never releashed for Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine, or the December issue.  The publisher did not expect to get beat up so bad this last quarter attending full time, plus doing an internship to graduate, then not to mention everything else, the publisher had no choice but to put further publication of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine on hold. Time permitting and we are working at it, there will be a JANUARY 2016 release. At the moment the decision is still being made by the publisher and managing partners whether to run the January Issue as issue #2 or #1 Vol 2.  The first Issue (premier October) was basically the test run for the Magazine, and for the staff at Hard-Boiled Books. More will be posted as it becomes known.

    We look forward to bringing you quality hard-boiled entertainment on a regular basis once again.

    Happy Holidays!

    Sunday, October 18, 2015

    Watch Miami PI Frank Sinatra as TONY ROME - FREE Full Movie Online

    This movie is streamed by Putlocker. You will need to close 2-3 popups before watching the movie and close an additional popup when going to full screen. But Hell, it's a FREE movie to watch with no downloading.

    IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 from 1,224 votes Release: 1967 / Tony Rome 
    Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
    Director: Gordon Douglas
    Stars: Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John, Richard Conte
    Synopsis: Tony Rome is an ex-cop turned private eye in Miami Beach. For $200 he returns a young woman to her father's house after she passes out in a seedy hotel, and he keeps the hotel's name out of it. Trouble is, she's missing a diamond pin, and tough guys show up at Tony's boat looking for it. When the pin does turn up, it's fake, so the girl's father, a wealthy builder, hires Tony to find out what happened to the real stones. Bodies pile up, Tony suspects the builder's trophy wife, and he's also looking for a mysterious guy named Nimmo who used to date Ann Archer, a stunning redhead Tony meets at the builder's. Can Tony sort it out before too many die, and what about Ann?

    A New Harvey Valentine Short for Halloween! the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET

    Enjoy this New Harvey Valentine Kindle Short from outstanding, author of crime fiction, R. Archer and Hard-Boiled Books, the publisher of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine.

    In this episode of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE, Harvey takes the case of a wealthy man who's daughter has become brainwashed by a Satanic Cult or well-played scam artists. Read the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET, # 3 in the Harvey Valentine Private Dick Series to take part in all the action as only Harvey can deliver it.

    The Hard-Boiled Kindle Short Series of books is perfect for when your short on time and don't have the time to commit to reading a novel. Got thirty minutes to kill? Do with Harvey!

    Expect Release date: Tuesday 19th (October).

    As with all of our Kindle Short Reads, this adventure will be made free the Official Day of release.

    Thursday, October 15, 2015

    The Broken Date Caper is FREE FRIDAY A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

    This FRIDAY the 16th, you can read the latest Sam Hill short story for free.  Sam Hill has been called, "an instant classic."

    Read it for yourself FREE this FRIDAY!

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    Crime Classics Old Time Radio The First Woman Tried for Murder in the United States


    This Thursday, you can read THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER for FREE with Amazon Kindle or you can read it FREE 24/7 with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

    Meet Harvey Valentine, a top-notch private dick that doesn't take shit.

    Good News! Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine the print edition should be available shortly

    Today we received word from Kablam, that our Print proof has been shipped and we should have it our hands in the next couple days. Pending approval of the print proof, which we don't see a problem yet, the print edition will be available and shipped to contributors as soon as they are in our hands.

    As for when HARD-BOILED PULP will be available through we expect hopefully before the end of the month. Again, this is our first time working with this company, and we expect great results, as the concept behind Hard-Boiled Pulp was to produce a Pulp magazine similar to what was found in the Dime stores and magazine vendors from the 1930's through the 1950's.

    We have included period advertising in the premier issue and will continue to do so as it adds to the feel and theme of the magazine. However, some of these period advert spots may be available to interested parties in advertising, as well as there is a classified section in the back of the magazine, just like in the old pulps, with per/word advertising available. Interior Front Cover and Interior Back Cover advertising is available for those that are interested. Hard-Boiled Pulp will only contract with authors and publishers of crime-related fiction for interior covers.

    For advertising rates please email

    Monday, October 12, 2015

    A Peek at the November Issue # 2 of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine

    In this coming November issue, here is a brief of what to expect so far.

    • Another great short from, terrific crime fiction writer, Roger Cowin. 
    • The first couple chapters of a fantastic novella by Joseph Rubas, titled NIGHT PROWLER. Hard-Boiled Magazine will publish this Novella each month, a few chapters at a time till it's completed.

    A book review of CARNIVAL OF DEATH by Tom Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a legend in the pulp world and manages the PULPDEN, a review site.  The man is a fantastic writer and devourer of pulp fiction.

    We are considering a few other short stories at the moment, and if we can swing it, an author Interview with Steve Thomas about his own private dick in his novel, CHASE THE RABBIT.

    Interested authors seeking to contribute their work, or have their work considered for an interview or book review, please consult the SUBMISSIONS page.

    This message will self destruct......

    News Update on the Print Edition of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine

    We apologize in the delay of the print edition for the October Issue of HARD-BOILED PULP Magazine is not readily available at the moment. As noted before we have been experiencing issues with the printer. This is our first time using this printer. They print exclusively comics and genre-related  products, and they are extremely busy. We were promised Printed Copies for retail by the 23rd of this month. We will keep you informed when the Print Editions are made available.

    Once print copies are published they will be made available for retail through this website at a slight discount, with the option to subscribe to the Magazine. Though in second thought we may not make subscriptions available for print editions till month-issue # 3. Just in case we have not gotten things ironed out 100% with the company that is producing the print edition. We have our fingers crossed that November print edition will not experience this delay.

    This company we are using does terrific work and they will retail the print edition through at full retail price.

    The electronic Edition of Hard-Boiled Pulp is currently available through Kindle as a graphic novel, which offers a virtual "feel" of the actual print edition.

    As mentioned in the beginning when creating this magazine, we strived to produce the feel of the old dime store pulp rags, which at this time, can only be done with the print company we are working with, again we are working out the kinks with the print editions, and hope to have these issues resolved soon.

    Thank you for your support and interest.

    The Kennel Murder Case FULL MOVIE Philo Vance Private Detective

    William Powell returns as Philo Vance, Private Detective


    Released a day early!

    Yes, TUESDAY, you can get a FREE COPY of the Newest HARVEY VALENTINE Hard-Boiled Short, WITNESS TO MURDER.

    In this case Harvey witnesses a murder and must stand trial to testify, that's if he can stay alive long enough to do so.  It's Hard-Boiled Action as only Harvey Valentine can deliver it!


    FREE today THE SEXY KILLER CAPER, A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

    Today you can get a FREE COPY of the THE SEXY KILLER CAPER, a Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short.

    What are you waiting for?

    Sunday, October 11, 2015

    WITNESS TO MURDER The New HARVEY VALENTINE Short From Hard-Boiled Books

    Tough as nails Private Dick Harvey Valentine is back in a new Kindle Short Read. This is the 2nd in the Harvey Valentine Kindle Short Series. These Hard-Boiled Shorts may be read in any order and are independent of the Harvey Valentine Novels (Gold Digger & The Judge and the Cultist). They are perfect for when you're short on time and got thirty minutes to kill.

    From the Case Files of Harvey Valentine:  WITNESS TO MURDER

    IN THIS fast paced, and hard-hitting tale the author introduces us to Harvey's new secretary, Connie. How long she will remain his secretary is yet to be decided, but she makes a great supporting character to the series. In this episode, Harvey is a material witness to Murder and finds himself a target before the trial starts. It's action as only Harvey can dish it out!

    For those fans that have read Gold Digger, the pilot Novel of Harvey Valentine, readers will be familiar with Harvey's sidekick, Cato, who also appears in The Judge and the Cultist. But what happens to Cato?  Read the Judge and the Cultist to find out! Coming, November just in time for Thanksgiving.

    Expect this NEW HARVEY VALENTINE SHORT  by 10-13-15. And it will be made FREE the official day of Release! Available at and

    Saturday, October 10, 2015

    Meet Wise-Cracking Hard-Boiled Private Eye SAM HILL in THE TRIPLE KILLING CAPER this SUNDAY FREE

    Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Shorts can be read in any order. Currently, there are 9 kindle short reads in the series. THE TRIPLE KILLING CAPER is # 4 in the series.

    GET it FREE this SUNDAY!

    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    The Shadow with Orson Welles - "The Hospital Murders" Old Time Radio Broadcast

    Please enjoy this Old Time Radio broadcast of THE SHADOW with Orson Welles. Many of these Old Time Radio Shows are better than current audio books.

    Program: The Shadow Title:
    The Hospital Murders
    Date: 08-14-38

    Monday, October 5, 2015

    Meet the cast of Characters in THE BROKEN DATE CAPER Sam Hill # 9


    The Characters-

    • Sam Hill- Private Dick with an attitude, a sharp wit, smart mouth, and a loaded gun. 
    • Rick Jones – A gangster with a past, who was trying to protect his future by gunning for Connie. Connie Summers – Because she knew something only she said, but she did know what it was. 
    • Rich Carter - A detective on the vice squad who didn’t believe her. 
    • Roxy- Secretary of Sam Hill and a little more.

    Summary: Sam must break a date with Roxy, not because he wants to but because he has a gun pointed at his face.

    AVAILABLE AT AMAZON and can be Purchased through our Store Page


    Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Hard-Boiled Books will be making available FREE Two (2) SAM HILL Short Reads. If you haven't read SAM HILL by R. Archer, now is your chance to enjoy this hard-boiled private eye series for Free. Tuesday, the 1st book in the series (The Double Trouble Caper) and the most current book # 9 (The Broken Date Caper) will be made available FREE All day Tuesday,  So now's your chance to meet wise-cracking private dick Sam Hill in



    Watch BLOOD SIMPLE Full PI Movie Free

    Check out this movie about a Texas Private eye hired to be a hitman. You can watch it FREE at Putlocker. Just kill the popups and don't click on anything else and should be fine.

    Thursday, October 1, 2015

    What SHE said!

    New SAM HILL Short this Weekend! THE COUNTRY CLUB CAPER

    Sam goes golfing, and not with Tiger Woods!

    Meet Top-Notch Private Dick HARVEY VALENTINE on the case of THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER FREE this FRIDAY

    Hickey and Boggs 1972 Full Movie NEO-NOIR MOVIE FUN!

    This looks like some good Hard-Boiled fun! Grab the pop corn and take a break from that book with this full movie from 1972.

    This Months Featured Old Time Radio Broadcast BARRY CRAIG Confidential Investigator

    Enjoy BARRY CRAIG Confidential Investigator, these OTR shows are better than most audio books. We smirk when we think what "Confidential" could mean.

    Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine is Here!

    It's our favorite month here at HBB. When the trees start to turn colors and folks begin to celebrate the seasons.  It is our pleasure to celebrate with all of you the release of the 1st ISSUE of HARD-BOILED PULP MAGAZINE.

    Drum roll, please!

    In this first issue, we are proud to present to you ORIGINAL works from the following INDIE authors:

    • R. ARCHER

    With a special HARD-BOILED AUTHOR INTERVIEW with RUSSELL BLAKE the NEW YORK TIMES Best Selling Author of the BLACK series.

    A book review of THE SANTA CLAUS KILLER by Amazon Best Selling Author, RJ SMITH.

    Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine is available at the moment via AMAZON KINDLE as a GRAPHIC NOVEL.

    The formatting of the Magazine required graphic publication in order to give the appearance of the PRINT edition, complete with period adverts (1930-50) and current classified advertising formatted in the period style.

    The PRINT COPY will be available through INDYPLANET.COM and we will post updates when this happens and of course, make the Print Edition of the Magazine Available through this website.

    We invite you to step back in time to when adventures happened from a dime store pulp magazine with the PREMIER Edition of HARD-BOILED PULP MAGAZINE.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    The Characters of THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER A Harvey Valentine Hard-Boiled Short

    Friday the 25th you can meet Harvey Valentine in this first in a series of Hard-Boiled Shorts inspired by the Novel GOLD DIGGER.

    Don't have time to read a full-length novel, but you have 30 minutes to kill.  Then do it with Harvey Valentine, Private Dick in THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER.

    Meet the cast of Characters-

    • Harvey Valentine- A private Dick that doesn’t take shit. 
    • Detective Harris – Muskegon Police Department Detective and longtime friend of Harvey Valentine. 
    • Officer O’Toole – Cop and acquaintance of Harvey Valentine. 
    • Monica Marlowe – A stripper involved in a case of mistaken identity. The client of Harvey Valentine. 
    • Cameron Reese- He had a plan, but it didn’t work out to well. 
    • Aunt Christy Agatha - Relative of Monica and a tough old biddy.


    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    This FRIDAY you can read the New Harvey Valentine Short - THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER for FREE!

    Private Dick, Harvey Valentine appears in the Novels, GOLD DIGGER, THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST (November) as the main character and THE SECRET CABAL as a supporting character.

    Now is your chance to meet Muskegon's Top-notch Private Dick for FREE in an exciting NEW HARD-BOILED SHORT SERIES:


    let it wet your appetite for more action, intrigue and perilous underlining animal magnetism of Harvey Valentine!

    THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER finds our protagonist on the case of a beautiful stripper with an identity problem that only Harvey can solve.  It's an adventure to stay alive as Harvey solves the clues that lead to putting a lid on this case.

    Now's your chance to enjoy THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE PRIVATE DICK for



    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    Watch Jack Nicholson in THE TWO JAKES *FREE NOIR PI MOVIE*

    This movie is the sequel to Roman Polanski's CHINATOWN.

    IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 from 6,360 votes Release: 1990 / The Two Jakes Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama Director: Jack Nicholson Stars: Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Meg Tilly Synopsis: Los Angeles 1948: private eye Jake Gittes shall convict the client Jake Berman's wife of adultery. But instead of making her a scene like planned, Berman shoots her lover in affect - or was it murder? Gittes is surprised when he learns that the dead was Berman's companion, who now inherits his share of the company. Of course the police doesn't believe it was affect and suspects Gittes too. The dead lover's widow manages to force Gittes into investigating against his own client... The trace leads back to an old case in Chinatown.

    This movie is hosted-streamed by PUTLOCKER.  You  will need to kill a few popups to watch this, otherwise it plays fine and dandy!


    From R. Archer comes a short tale about his very own Private Dick, Harvey Valentine.  The author has written 2 Harvey Valentine novels to date, and this will be the 1st Harvey Valentine Short to be released by Hard-Boiled Books.

    GOLD DIGGER is currently available in paperback with a kindle release appearing very soon.

    The 2nd novel in the series, THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST will be available in paperback here next month with the kindle version to follow.

    But before the 2nd novel hits the retailers expect the following Harvey Valentine short. This will be the 1st Harvey Valentine short story to be published, with others planned. The Harvey Valentine Hard-Boiled Shorts are a perfect way to get to know Harvey without having to sit down and digest a novel.

    Hard-Boiled Shorts are perfect for when you're short on time.

    A Peek at Sam Hill #9 THE BROKEN DATE CAPER

    Here is a cover reveal of the latest Sam Hill short in the works. The Broken Date Caper should be available Thursday, September the 24th. And if Kindle is co-operative, it may be available for FREE that day. If not Look for it free the next.

    Visit the Hard-Boiled Books Amazon Store

    Please visit our Amazon Store by visiting the STORE TAB. There you will find the latest Hard-Boiled shorts and novels by Hard-Boiled Books, along with some select items for retail.


    You can get the latest SAM HILL short for FREE today at Amazon Kindle.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    Grab a copy of SAM HILL- THE SEXY KILLER CAPER today for FREE while supplies last.

    Sunday, September 6, 2015

    Submission Guidelines




    Hard-Boiled Pulp, (referred to as HBP) is OPEN for SUBMISSIONS.

    What we are looking for-

    Stories that take the reader back to a simpler time when fiction was written in a hard hitting pulp fashion and produced in dime store rags. In the day, there was a hoard of pulp fiction magazines. These magazines were produced in very much the same format and size as comic books. Think 1930’s to 1950’s. And the print edition of HBP is published in the classic format.  The only exception, we are not printing on “true pulp” paper. Sadly we admit this. The paper quality is much better, blame technology on that and our printer. But to continue, we have strived to create a look and feel with our pulp rag. A feel that reminds readers still around (those still living) of such detective pulp magazines like True Detective and Crack Detective.

    Supplementing our regular content is period advertising from old pulps. Which further aids, to the look and feel of an old pulp mag. With such being said, we are looking for stories that complement our magazine. Stories perably about PRIVATE DETECTIVES, OR PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS for those don’t’ grasp the difference. Written in FIRST PERSON or THIRD PERSON. We like both.

    FEMME FATALE is acceptable and POLICE DETECTIVE. SPY stories will be considered. There should be a strong protagnatist in the story that carries the story from beginning to end. Now to make your piece of work SHINE!!! Do the following and it will make it worth our while to read it-

    • FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES (there not rocket science)

    Include with your work in your email NOT in your manuscript a brief 300 word or less bio and you may mention your other titles or website and or both (please do not exceed more than 5 titles or links). Include a pic of yourself if you like.

    NOTE: Bios do not appear in the magazine or your picture. If we publish content that is from an existing book such as an excerpt, we will publish the Front Cover of your book or use it for Book Reviews/Author Interviews. Bios and Author Pics (not book pics) will be published on the Hard-Boiled Books website. If we choose to interview or book review you for the Magazine will use author pic, book pic, and bio info in aiding in the Magazine Interview.

    Nuts and Bolts: Now because we are a small press and wear a lot of hats, we ask that all MANUSCIPTS meet the following specs to be considered for publication:

    1. 12 pt type NEW TIMES ROMAN 
    2. INDENT first line (word) “.2” 
    4. 0 line spacing after Paragraphs 
    5. JUSTIFIED PARAGRAPH ALIGNMENT – do not align to the left. 
    6. At the END of your story. Please type THE END. Typed as The End. NO CAPS with a period. 
    7. Do not include PICS or GRAPHICS embedded in your text. 
    10. SAVE AS .DOC or .DOCX 
    12. FIRST PAGE: Starting at the top of the page (left margin) Type YOUR NAME, PEN NAME if used, MAILING ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER if you like, and WORD COUNT. Keep this information in one BLOCK PARAGRAPH. Aligned to the LEFT. Go down 5 carriage returns and start your story with the TITLE and BY LINE if using your pen name USE IT. Double space after title and byline and input your body content. 
    13. PROOF READ 
    14. SEND YOUR BEST COPY. Don’t stress if you realized later you made a typo or some minor, we will edit your work if accepted, but fill free to email us an updated copy or we may request an updated copy before continuing further in the publication process. 
    15. DO NOT PESTER US if we accepted your piece. WE WILL CONTACT YOU. 
    16. Allow 3-4 weeks for us to read your story and get back with you. We may take longer time if the work is a longer piece. 
    17. EMAIL your manuscript to

    Now to highlight further what we are looking for, we mentioned the type of stories we want to see now here is some further details. Flash fiction is welcome Short Stories up to 5k. Stories of this length or shorter we can print in 1 issue. We will consider NOVELETTES and NOVELLAS. If accepted these pieces will be broken up into parts usually 3-4 chapters per issue to the story is completely published. Thus a longer piece could span 3-4 or maybe longer issues. We will shy away from longer novellas at this time and do not want to exceed 5 issues to complete a printed story. So basically don’t go over 18,000 words, and make novellas exceptional if you want to see it in print with the magazine. Do to space at this time we can only print 1 novella or long novelette (in parts) per issue and still maintain space for individual short stories. If our reader and subscriber increases we can add more pages to the magazine thus more content. HOWEVER, we would be EXCITED to hear proposals or see CHARACTER SERIES from authors that fall within a flash range 1000-1500 words or short stories up to 3,000 words focused on a CHARACTER that can hold the attention of readers monthly.

    We would also consider and love to see work from GRAPHIC ARTISTS and ILLUSTRATORS that would like to do cover art or possibly illustrations for a story, or even run a short comic strip like the old Dick Tracey comic strips.

    Payment: At this time we do not offer payment beyond RECOGNITION and contributor copies. We offer electronic copies PDF, KINDLE to all contributing authors. To Contributing authors in the UNITED STATES we do supply you with a PRINT COPY of the magazine mailed to your door for the issue that your work appears in. Our first issue will be published this October, and we have content for the Next 2 months after that, possibly 3. Content that can shifted around for New authors to appear or to appear in issues after # 3. If we start getting Subscribers HBP will begin paying its contributing authors. Our GOAL is to begin paying writers by issue # 13. There are few Magazines of this genre or even Mystery that pay at this time, and even a well established mystery magazine that still doesn’t pay its writers. The goal of HBP is not only build a pulp magazine that people will love, but create a paying market for hard-boiled pulp writers and firmly establish ourselves in the publishing industry



    This month's featured OTR broadcast is PAT NOVAK for hire, Played Jack Webb.  Mr. Webb also played on OTR as Jeff Regan private investigator.

    He was one of the best!

    Meet Wise-cracking Hard-Boiled Private Dick SAM HILL in THE DOUBLE TROUBLE CAPER





    You can enjoy this Hard-Boiled Short FREE today SUNDAY Sept 6th.  The kindle short was released yeasterday, but we decided to extend the FREE giveaway 1 more day.  Get a copy.


    It's Jack Nicholson as a Private Dick in CHINATOWN.  This movie was directed by Roman Polanski in 1974.  Three years before Polanski was arrested and charged with raping a 13 year old girl. Since then Polanski lives out of the country in France.  Polanski was of course married to the beautiful Sharon Tate, murdedred by Charles Manson.  Sad thing Polanski turned out to be a pedofile, but he made great movies.

    So enjoy Jack Nickolson in CHINATOWN.  A noirish, PI flick for FREE.

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015


    IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 from 11,923 votes Release: 1973 / The Long Goodbye Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller Director: Robert Altman Stars: Elliott Gould, Nina van Pallandt, Sterling Hayden Synopsis: Chain-smoking, wisecracking private eye Philip Marlowe drives a buddy from LA to the Tijuana border and returns home to an apartment full of cops who arrest him for abetting the murder of his friend's wife. After Marlowe's release, following the reported suicide in Mexico of his friend, a beautiful woman hires him to locate her alcoholic and mercurial husband. Then, a hoodlum and his muscle visit to tell Marlowe that he owes $350,000, mob money the dead friend took to Mexico. Marlowe tails the hood, who goes to the house of the woman with the temperamental husband. As Marlowe pulls these threads together, his values emerge from beneath the cavalier wisecracking.