Monday, October 12, 2015

A Peek at the November Issue # 2 of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine

In this coming November issue, here is a brief of what to expect so far.

  • Another great short from, terrific crime fiction writer, Roger Cowin. 
  • The first couple chapters of a fantastic novella by Joseph Rubas, titled NIGHT PROWLER. Hard-Boiled Magazine will publish this Novella each month, a few chapters at a time till it's completed.

A book review of CARNIVAL OF DEATH by Tom Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a legend in the pulp world and manages the PULPDEN, a review site.  The man is a fantastic writer and devourer of pulp fiction.

We are considering a few other short stories at the moment, and if we can swing it, an author Interview with Steve Thomas about his own private dick in his novel, CHASE THE RABBIT.

Interested authors seeking to contribute their work, or have their work considered for an interview or book review, please consult the SUBMISSIONS page.

This message will self destruct......