Sunday, October 11, 2015


Tough as nails Private Dick Harvey Valentine is back in a new Kindle Short Read. This is the 2nd in the Harvey Valentine Kindle Short Series. These Hard-Boiled Shorts may be read in any order and are independent of the Harvey Valentine Novels (Gold Digger & The Judge and the Cultist). They are perfect for when you're short on time and got thirty minutes to kill.

From the Case Files of Harvey Valentine:  WITNESS TO MURDER

IN THIS fast paced, and hard-hitting tale the author introduces us to Harvey's new secretary, Connie. How long she will remain his secretary is yet to be decided, but she makes a great supporting character to the series. In this episode, Harvey is a material witness to Murder and finds himself a target before the trial starts. It's action as only Harvey can dish it out!

For those fans that have read Gold Digger, the pilot Novel of Harvey Valentine, readers will be familiar with Harvey's sidekick, Cato, who also appears in The Judge and the Cultist. But what happens to Cato?  Read the Judge and the Cultist to find out! Coming, November just in time for Thanksgiving.

Expect this NEW HARVEY VALENTINE SHORT  by 10-13-15. And it will be made FREE the official day of Release! Available at and