Sunday, October 18, 2015

A New Harvey Valentine Short for Halloween! the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET

Enjoy this New Harvey Valentine Kindle Short from outstanding, author of crime fiction, R. Archer and Hard-Boiled Books, the publisher of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine.

In this episode of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE, Harvey takes the case of a wealthy man who's daughter has become brainwashed by a Satanic Cult or well-played scam artists. Read the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET, # 3 in the Harvey Valentine Private Dick Series to take part in all the action as only Harvey can deliver it.

The Hard-Boiled Kindle Short Series of books is perfect for when your short on time and don't have the time to commit to reading a novel. Got thirty minutes to kill? Do with Harvey!

Expect Release date: Tuesday 19th (October).

As with all of our Kindle Short Reads, this adventure will be made free the Official Day of release.