Sunday, October 18, 2015

Watch Miami PI Frank Sinatra as TONY ROME - FREE Full Movie Online

This movie is streamed by Putlocker. You will need to close 2-3 popups before watching the movie and close an additional popup when going to full screen. But Hell, it's a FREE movie to watch with no downloading.

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 from 1,224 votes Release: 1967 / Tony Rome 
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Director: Gordon Douglas
Stars: Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John, Richard Conte
Synopsis: Tony Rome is an ex-cop turned private eye in Miami Beach. For $200 he returns a young woman to her father's house after she passes out in a seedy hotel, and he keeps the hotel's name out of it. Trouble is, she's missing a diamond pin, and tough guys show up at Tony's boat looking for it. When the pin does turn up, it's fake, so the girl's father, a wealthy builder, hires Tony to find out what happened to the real stones. Bodies pile up, Tony suspects the builder's trophy wife, and he's also looking for a mysterious guy named Nimmo who used to date Ann Archer, a stunning redhead Tony meets at the builder's. Can Tony sort it out before too many die, and what about Ann?

A New Harvey Valentine Short for Halloween! the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET

Enjoy this New Harvey Valentine Kindle Short from outstanding, author of crime fiction, R. Archer and Hard-Boiled Books, the publisher of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine.

In this episode of THE CASE FILES OF HARVEY VALENTINE, Harvey takes the case of a wealthy man who's daughter has become brainwashed by a Satanic Cult or well-played scam artists. Read the ORACLE OF BAPHOMET, # 3 in the Harvey Valentine Private Dick Series to take part in all the action as only Harvey can deliver it.

The Hard-Boiled Kindle Short Series of books is perfect for when your short on time and don't have the time to commit to reading a novel. Got thirty minutes to kill? Do with Harvey!

Expect Release date: Tuesday 19th (October).

As with all of our Kindle Short Reads, this adventure will be made free the Official Day of release.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Broken Date Caper is FREE FRIDAY A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

This FRIDAY the 16th, you can read the latest Sam Hill short story for free.  Sam Hill has been called, "an instant classic."

Read it for yourself FREE this FRIDAY!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crime Classics Old Time Radio The First Woman Tried for Murder in the United States


This Thursday, you can read THE FORGETFUL STRIPPER for FREE with Amazon Kindle or you can read it FREE 24/7 with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Meet Harvey Valentine, a top-notch private dick that doesn't take shit.

Good News! Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine the print edition should be available shortly

Today we received word from Kablam, that our Print proof has been shipped and we should have it our hands in the next couple days. Pending approval of the print proof, which we don't see a problem yet, the print edition will be available and shipped to contributors as soon as they are in our hands.

As for when HARD-BOILED PULP will be available through we expect hopefully before the end of the month. Again, this is our first time working with this company, and we expect great results, as the concept behind Hard-Boiled Pulp was to produce a Pulp magazine similar to what was found in the Dime stores and magazine vendors from the 1930's through the 1950's.

We have included period advertising in the premier issue and will continue to do so as it adds to the feel and theme of the magazine. However, some of these period advert spots may be available to interested parties in advertising, as well as there is a classified section in the back of the magazine, just like in the old pulps, with per/word advertising available. Interior Front Cover and Interior Back Cover advertising is available for those that are interested. Hard-Boiled Pulp will only contract with authors and publishers of crime-related fiction for interior covers.

For advertising rates please email

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Peek at the November Issue # 2 of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine

In this coming November issue, here is a brief of what to expect so far.

  • Another great short from, terrific crime fiction writer, Roger Cowin. 
  • The first couple chapters of a fantastic novella by Joseph Rubas, titled NIGHT PROWLER. Hard-Boiled Magazine will publish this Novella each month, a few chapters at a time till it's completed.

A book review of CARNIVAL OF DEATH by Tom Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a legend in the pulp world and manages the PULPDEN, a review site.  The man is a fantastic writer and devourer of pulp fiction.

We are considering a few other short stories at the moment, and if we can swing it, an author Interview with Steve Thomas about his own private dick in his novel, CHASE THE RABBIT.

Interested authors seeking to contribute their work, or have their work considered for an interview or book review, please consult the SUBMISSIONS page.

This message will self destruct......

News Update on the Print Edition of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine

We apologize in the delay of the print edition for the October Issue of HARD-BOILED PULP Magazine is not readily available at the moment. As noted before we have been experiencing issues with the printer. This is our first time using this printer. They print exclusively comics and genre-related  products, and they are extremely busy. We were promised Printed Copies for retail by the 23rd of this month. We will keep you informed when the Print Editions are made available.

Once print copies are published they will be made available for retail through this website at a slight discount, with the option to subscribe to the Magazine. Though in second thought we may not make subscriptions available for print editions till month-issue # 3. Just in case we have not gotten things ironed out 100% with the company that is producing the print edition. We have our fingers crossed that November print edition will not experience this delay.

This company we are using does terrific work and they will retail the print edition through at full retail price.

The electronic Edition of Hard-Boiled Pulp is currently available through Kindle as a graphic novel, which offers a virtual "feel" of the actual print edition.

As mentioned in the beginning when creating this magazine, we strived to produce the feel of the old dime store pulp rags, which at this time, can only be done with the print company we are working with, again we are working out the kinks with the print editions, and hope to have these issues resolved soon.

Thank you for your support and interest.

The Kennel Murder Case FULL MOVIE Philo Vance Private Detective

William Powell returns as Philo Vance, Private Detective


Released a day early!

Yes, TUESDAY, you can get a FREE COPY of the Newest HARVEY VALENTINE Hard-Boiled Short, WITNESS TO MURDER.

In this case Harvey witnesses a murder and must stand trial to testify, that's if he can stay alive long enough to do so.  It's Hard-Boiled Action as only Harvey Valentine can deliver it!


FREE today THE SEXY KILLER CAPER, A Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short

Today you can get a FREE COPY of the THE SEXY KILLER CAPER, a Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Short.

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Tough as nails Private Dick Harvey Valentine is back in a new Kindle Short Read. This is the 2nd in the Harvey Valentine Kindle Short Series. These Hard-Boiled Shorts may be read in any order and are independent of the Harvey Valentine Novels (Gold Digger & The Judge and the Cultist). They are perfect for when you're short on time and got thirty minutes to kill.

From the Case Files of Harvey Valentine:  WITNESS TO MURDER

IN THIS fast paced, and hard-hitting tale the author introduces us to Harvey's new secretary, Connie. How long she will remain his secretary is yet to be decided, but she makes a great supporting character to the series. In this episode, Harvey is a material witness to Murder and finds himself a target before the trial starts. It's action as only Harvey can dish it out!

For those fans that have read Gold Digger, the pilot Novel of Harvey Valentine, readers will be familiar with Harvey's sidekick, Cato, who also appears in The Judge and the Cultist. But what happens to Cato?  Read the Judge and the Cultist to find out! Coming, November just in time for Thanksgiving.

Expect this NEW HARVEY VALENTINE SHORT  by 10-13-15. And it will be made FREE the official day of Release! Available at and

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meet Wise-Cracking Hard-Boiled Private Eye SAM HILL in THE TRIPLE KILLING CAPER this SUNDAY FREE

Sam Hill Hard-Boiled Shorts can be read in any order. Currently, there are 9 kindle short reads in the series. THE TRIPLE KILLING CAPER is # 4 in the series.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Shadow with Orson Welles - "The Hospital Murders" Old Time Radio Broadcast

Please enjoy this Old Time Radio broadcast of THE SHADOW with Orson Welles. Many of these Old Time Radio Shows are better than current audio books.

Program: The Shadow Title:
The Hospital Murders
Date: 08-14-38

Monday, October 5, 2015

Meet the cast of Characters in THE BROKEN DATE CAPER Sam Hill # 9


The Characters-

  • Sam Hill- Private Dick with an attitude, a sharp wit, smart mouth, and a loaded gun. 
  • Rick Jones – A gangster with a past, who was trying to protect his future by gunning for Connie. Connie Summers – Because she knew something only she said, but she did know what it was. 
  • Rich Carter - A detective on the vice squad who didn’t believe her. 
  • Roxy- Secretary of Sam Hill and a little more.

Summary: Sam must break a date with Roxy, not because he wants to but because he has a gun pointed at his face.

AVAILABLE AT AMAZON and can be Purchased through our Store Page


Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Hard-Boiled Books will be making available FREE Two (2) SAM HILL Short Reads. If you haven't read SAM HILL by R. Archer, now is your chance to enjoy this hard-boiled private eye series for Free. Tuesday, the 1st book in the series (The Double Trouble Caper) and the most current book # 9 (The Broken Date Caper) will be made available FREE All day Tuesday,  So now's your chance to meet wise-cracking private dick Sam Hill in



Watch BLOOD SIMPLE Full PI Movie Free

Check out this movie about a Texas Private eye hired to be a hitman. You can watch it FREE at Putlocker. Just kill the popups and don't click on anything else and should be fine.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What SHE said!


Sam goes golfing, and not with Tiger Woods!


Hickey and Boggs 1972 Full Movie NEO-NOIR MOVIE FUN!

This looks like some good Hard-Boiled fun! Grab the pop corn and take a break from that book with this full movie from 1972.

This Months Featured Old Time Radio Broadcast BARRY CRAIG Confidential Investigator

Enjoy BARRY CRAIG Confidential Investigator, these OTR shows are better than most audio books. We smirk when we think what "Confidential" could mean.

Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine is Here!

It's our favorite month here at HBB. When the trees start to turn colors and folks begin to celebrate the seasons.  It is our pleasure to celebrate with all of you the release of the 1st ISSUE of HARD-BOILED PULP MAGAZINE.

Drum roll, please!

In this first issue, we are proud to present to you ORIGINAL works from the following INDIE authors:


With a special HARD-BOILED AUTHOR INTERVIEW with RUSSELL BLAKE the NEW YORK TIMES Best Selling Author of the BLACK series.

A book review of THE SANTA CLAUS KILLER by Amazon Best Selling Author, RJ SMITH.

Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine is available at the moment via AMAZON KINDLE as a GRAPHIC NOVEL.

The formatting of the Magazine required graphic publication in order to give the appearance of the PRINT edition, complete with period adverts (1930-50) and current classified advertising formatted in the period style.

The PRINT COPY will be available through INDYPLANET.COM and we will post updates when this happens and of course, make the Print Edition of the Magazine Available through this website.

We invite you to step back in time to when adventures happened from a dime store pulp magazine with the PREMIER Edition of HARD-BOILED PULP MAGAZINE.*Version*=1&*entries*=0