Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sam Hill Kindle Short Read # 11 THE KILLER WAS NO LADY

The newest Edition to the Hard-Boiled Short Series, SAM HILL Private Investigator, marks # 11 in this series from author R. Archer and Hard-Boiled Books.

It's a blast from the past!
Step back in time to 1950 with wise-cracking private detective Sam Hill as he tackles cases filled with a variety of interesting characters. Each Case will bring a grin or a laugh with each new read. And maybe a bit of awe, in the sense, that Sam Hill is not Politically Correct!

True to the nature of the 1950s before there was political correctness, a simpler time in life existed in American History, before the computer and the cell phone, a time when a private dick has to use his wits and a bit of muscle (and his gun) to battle the crime of the day to solve a case, rescue a Dame or put the bad guy behind bars. It's action, thrills, excitement and tongue firmly implanted in check, hard-boiled fiction as never told before.

Well, almost never. The author discovered the character Sam Hill in the public domain, another forgotten pulp character (detective), unlike some public domain pulp characters that have seen a rebirth in modern times with the resurgence of classic pulp fiction, like, Doc Savage, The Spider, The Shadow, just to name a few. The author a fan of the old pulps and the creator and author of Harvey Valentine, found something special in the old Sam Hill.

He breathed new life into the character and made Sam Hill,  grittier and sarcastic than the original character ever was, making Sam Hill his own.

So, sit back, relax, close that porn playing in the background and get a copy of  THE KILLER WAS NO LADY for FREE! Yes, we said for Free! Now you can't beat that! You can go back to beating whatever after you have read this piece of Hard-boiled, detective pulp fiction.

The Killer was No Lady is FREE 12/30-31/15
Otherwise it's $1.99 or FREE 24/7 with Kindle Unlimited.