Thursday, December 17, 2015

In our absence

Sorry, folks and regular visitors to Hard-Boiled Books. The Management has been on vacation! NOT! That was not the case, but to answer the mystery as to where we've been is complicated and simple at the same time. Your publisher, R. Archer, a man of many obligations has been working on overtime  to finish his associates degree in Paralegal Studies this quarter. He is proud and relieved to announce that he has finished and graduated with his degree after 2.5 years of full-time study. Yeah!

Now we can get back to work around here by presenting what we love to do, with a passion, and that is to bring you original hard-boiled pulp fiction with a few extras on the side, like choice, hand-picked hard-boiled media. From movies to old time radio classics, as well other interesting related media.

As Harvey Valentine would say, "Get on with it already!"

So- here is what's coming up. A return to regular programming, so there will be a new featured Old Time Radio Private Dick for this month.  Look for it! As well as a few other gems. More FREE books and exciting announcement about NEW RELEASES as well as some other choice content.

Because of the issue with Midterms, then finals for the last quarter for the publisher and trying to balance everything, and not to mention no time to complete projects. The November Issue was never releashed for Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine, or the December issue.  The publisher did not expect to get beat up so bad this last quarter attending full time, plus doing an internship to graduate, then not to mention everything else, the publisher had no choice but to put further publication of Hard-Boiled Pulp Magazine on hold. Time permitting and we are working at it, there will be a JANUARY 2016 release. At the moment the decision is still being made by the publisher and managing partners whether to run the January Issue as issue #2 or #1 Vol 2.  The first Issue (premier October) was basically the test run for the Magazine, and for the staff at Hard-Boiled Books. More will be posted as it becomes known.

We look forward to bringing you quality hard-boiled entertainment on a regular basis once again.

Happy Holidays!