Monday, May 18, 2015

Give em Hell Malone or to Hell with Malone A HARD BOILED MOVIE REVIEW

Hard Boiled Books was very disappointed with this movie, Give em Hell Malone.  We do note that it did have some good points, which we will highlight after giving a bit of  synopsis on the movie.  First this movie was viewed on Hulu Plus, if anybody cares.

When finding this movie, we were hopeful that it would turn out to be a good PI movie in a neo Noir tradition.  At least the producers and directors got the Noir tradition correct with the look and attitude of the main character, Malone.   The old car was sweet, but it resembled the muscle car used by Stallone in one of his loner bad ass cop movies, which just happens to escape us (reason: we are not huge Stallone fans).  Besides the bad ass car, the look of the character, and his bad ass attitude that is flashed to us like a comic book, the best part of the movie was the first ten minutes, where he kills everybody.

Going to see mom was kind of a sweet touch to the film, but over all the character lacked in our opinion (mind the phrase-everybody has one), any real back bone.  It was cut and past with the dialogue of the character manly low brow, and borrowed content from countless "done before," scenes.  Like the fun house mirror scene.  That scene has been done so many times in movies it is terrible.  Conan the Destroyer came to mine while watching the flick.  Hard Boiled Books could not finish watching the damn thing.  We were over all disappointed, the film, character, and story line started with promise, but ended up being a rerun.  Maybe they should re-title this, To Hell with Malone.  A trailer is given for view enjoyment.  It's one of those movies, where watching the trailer is better than the movie