Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hard Boiled Author Spot Light HENRY KANE

Author Henry Kane, penned over 30, Crime With Peter Chambers Novels, and many short stories around this fictional P.I.  We here at Hard Boiled Books will occasional spot light a Hard Boiled Author from the Past, and we are starting with one of our personal favorites- HENRY KANE.

Hard Boiled Books invites you to listen to Old Time Radio written, produced, and directed by the author himself, Henry Kane.  To check out a broadcast from the past, from CBS radio, complete with the commercials (these are great-a chance to listen to history), play the Youtube link in right margin.

In researching the author Henry Kane, we discovered he was a lawyer, who preferred to write books than practice law.  Our discovery also uncovered 3 Movies, we believe Henry Kane wrote the screen plays for.

  • The Gunman in the Streets. 1950
  • The Mugger.  1958
  • Cop Hater. 1958

Try as we could we could not find a link to The Mugger or The Gunman in the Streets , but we did find a link to the full movie of COP HATER.  Hard Boiled Books will post the full movie link in  separate post.