Friday, May 8, 2015

Follow Hard Boiled Books

Hard Boiled Books, would love nothing more than if you were to FOLLOW US.

Well, "How in the Hell can I do that?"  you ask.

At the moment, we are still in the construction stages of building our website, so bare with!  But seriously folks, at the moment you are welcome to follow us by the following media choices:

  • RSS (Atom Feed): Just click the link on the page, marked: Atom.
  • EMAIL:  To follow us by email, just enter your email address in the right hand side of your screen, in the box that says FOLLOW US BY EMAIL!
  • TWITTER:  It's in the works, when we put up a Twitter feed, we will post it.
  • FACEBOOK:  Currently in the same status as Twitter.
  • GOOGLE PLUS:  Its on the way, stay tuned!
If you happen to be a member of FACEBOOK, TWITTER or GOOGLE PLUS we ask if you would help spread the word about us, by LIKING US on GOOGLE PLUS, and SHARING us on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK that you may be on.  We would really appreciate the support.