Friday, June 26, 2015

The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in THE JUDGE AND THE CULTIST - An Excerpt

An excerpt from, The Case Files of Harvey Valentine, Private Dick in-


This is from book 2 in the Harvey Valentine series. We hope to have this available by August or September.

 Like a waitress, the woman who I hoped was not going to be the evenings sacrifice visited each of us in our pews and handed us a cup. I accepted the plastic chalice, a fine buy from the local dollar store. It was empty. I gave her a big smile and tried hard to not let my eyes stare at her bodacious curves. She smiled back. Her eyes did not register any emotion. I got the feeling she was just an empty shell.

 “The Lord God gave us his son. His only son!” the minister yelled. “His only son gave his life for God’s children. He gave his body, blood and spirit so that we may be as he was…DIVINE!” 

The words of the holy man rose like a deep thunder and vibrated through the high ceilings of the church. A pigeon, spooked, cooed and flew to a different ledge. 

“A sign my children!” The man cried and pointed at the rat with wings. “A sign that the spirit of the Lord Jesus is here with us, blessing, this sanctification of his flesh and blood.”