Monday, June 29, 2015

Excerpt from book 2 of The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in The Judge & the Cultist. WIP. Expected release late summer 2015.

      “Jesus Christ,” I said aloud, breaking my silence. I looked around to see if my utterance drew any attention. Nobody paid me any. The minister finally stood up straight.

     “Jesus speaks through me God’s children.” His words boomed through the rafters of the church. “Listen to his words,” he barked in a deep bass voice.

     The pigeon was spooked once again and fluttered about in a chaotic circle over the congregation. It shit as it passed over the minister and the Alter. The pigeon shit sailed like a paratrooper descending on a forty-five, degree angle. The poo hit the side of the Alter and stuck.

    The Lord God gave me a sign. That this sham was nothing but bullshit. The parishioners did not think so. A few gasps arose from the pews, and “awes