Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nero Wolfe Flash Short Best Seller

ARCHIE SAVES THE DAY in its PRE-RELEASE, obtained the best seller list at #27 on Amazon

We are pleased and disappointed at the same time.  The 1st review to come in was from a very negative review troll on Amazon.  The reviewer never even posted a review before in their life and apparently was not a astute reader when it comes to paying attention to the content.  The review posted the author did not know the name of the butler, or that that Wolfe's brownstone had an elevator.  Seems the critic missed these two simple sentences in the book.  The Elevator is mentioned in the book, "in need of repair,"  And the Butler is mentioned by name.   This is a short, "flash," read and to a reader not familiar with flash fiction, they may have missed the content as the story moves at a fast pace.  Critics might try paying better attention before they post reviews.