Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Open Call for Artists

Hard Boiled Books has an open call for ARTISTS.  We are looking for emerging artists, who would like do cover art for our books, anthologies or stories.

At this time we can only afford to pay recognition for your work and supply you with a published copy of your work.  You will retain the copyrights to your work, and be credited on the copyright page of the book, here on the website, and listed on Amazon as the artist or illustrator.  We are a small indie press which has recently started up, operating with three partners.

As an Indie press working with INDIE AUTHORS, we are no different than any artist, who inspires to create great artwork (we consider fiction to be art).  We struggle, work and promote to get our name out there and receive recognition and gain fans of our work.  Let us work together to achieve our goals, if you can draw, paint or illustrate cover art for our books, or stories in a pulp or noir style we would love to hear from you and look at your work.

  • We are looking for front book cover art
  • Cover art for our Gum Shoe Anthology
  • Possible interior art for Gum Shoe Anthology
  • Story art for our Flash Fiction contest.  (Have your art be used for our Flash Fiction story prompts, inspire our writers.)
  • Noir type Photography

We are willing to accept great art content that fits the genre of the Gum Shoe Mysteries Anthology for the interior of the book or to be high lighted on the Hard Boiled Website.  We would love to help promote and share your work as well.

Please send inquires to hardboiledbooks@gmail.com