Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coming Soon from Hard Boiled Books - NERO WOLFE FLASH MYSTERY SHORT SERIES

Hard Boiled Author & Novelist R. Archer has penned his latest short read book-

The Staff here at HBB enjoyed this short piece so much and the re-telling of Rex Stout's famous Detective, NERO WOLFE, we conspired with the Author to try and make this a regular series.  He agreed to pen additional stories when not writing the further tales of top-notch private dick, Harvey Valentine.  We will look forward to bringing them to you.

ARCHIE SAVES THE DAY by R. Archer will be released in Kindle Format by Amazon no later than 6-9-2-15, if not sooner.  The goon squad at Kindle Direct Publishing is finalizing the publication process as we speak.  The list price:  $1  Dollar!  That's it.  So for pocket change or less than the cost of a cheap burger, you can have something you will remember.  The burger you will forget!