Monday, June 8, 2015

Excited about Hard Boiled Fiction!

Hard Boiled Books with R. Archer will be introducing some NEW &  we hope exciting things for readers of Hard Boiled Fiction.

R. Archer a true fan of the Hard Boiled Genre of Crime Fiction has brought us his own hard boiled dick with, The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in Gold Digger.  And soon to be released (announcement forth coming), The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick in The Judge and the Cultist.  Both Novels may be read independently of the other.

Other Exciting things-
Our first Hard Boiled Flash Fiction (monthly) Contest seen some impressive authors.  We greatly enjoyed reading and sharing the authors stories with you here at Hard Boiled Books, and look forward to publishing the 1st place WINNER in our own HARD BOILED ANTHOLOGY:


Which is currently taking submissions.  Gumshoe Mysteries will show case the finest of each month's  Hard Boiled Flash Fiction along side longer Hard Boiled Short Stories (2,000-10,000 words).  We look forward to reading your submissions.


We are proud to introduce a new series of SHORT READ books written in the traditions of the great hard boiled detectives like, Nero Wolfe and Jeff Regan.  We look forward to sharing the talents of R. Archer as he brings these characters to life.  Each SHORT READ will be published as a KINDLE for the price of less than a greasy fast food burger.  $1 dollar, A BUCK! That's it!  Pocket Change!!

The burger you will forget, the story you will not. Starting off the KINDLE SHORT READ series the author brings to life Nero Wolfe in:

A Nero Wolfe  Mystery Short Read
Release Date: 6-9-2015

Written in the tradition of REX STOUT, with Nero Wolfe's right hand man, Archie as the Narrator. 
Following the publication of ARCHIE SAVES THE DAY, Hard Boiled Books will introduce our second Kindle Short Read Series, starring private investigator Jeff Regan.

Jeff Regan was played by Jack Webb.  The old time radio show, Jeff Regan PI was perhaps one of Jack Webb's best played roles.  To complement EYE OF THE LYON,  Hard Boiled Books will be rebroadcasting selective Old Time Radios starring Jack Webb as Jeff Regan PI.  Please visit us to listen to these great old time radio shows, many of them better than modern audio books.

A Jeff Regan Hard Boiled Short
Release Date: 6-11-2015