Monday, March 14, 2016

Muskegon Heights and Gold Digger: Background of The Case Files of Harvey Valentine Private Dick

With the launch of Gold Digger the audiobook, Hard-Boiled Books is giving an in-depth look into the background of the novel.

Our protagonist, Harvey Valentine, a local Private Investigator based in Muskegon takes on the case of a wealthy, beautiful woman. Who hires Harvey to locate her husband, a local high-profile attorney. Who happens to be a third-time habitual cocaine addict. The case takes Harvey into Muskegon Heights. A place well-known for crime and corruption.

Please view the listing for GOLD DIGGER the audiobook, written by R. Archer and narrated by Dan Gallagher. Mr. Gallagher does a fantastic voice for Harvey Valentine and brings the character to life.
Visitors can listen to a Free 5-minute sample of the audiobook.

Harvey finds himself investigating a lead in Muskegon Heights, to an abandoned house owned by his client's husband's law firm. The following video is more accurate of the scenery and environment Harvey finds himself in while pursuing his client's husband.