Friday, March 25, 2016

Coming Soon!!! Hard-Boiled Radio

Hard-Boiled Books loves to share the media that makes up the hard-boiled fiction genre. Often we share classic Old Time Radio shows featuring many of the top detectives of the era such as Phillip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Jeff Regan, and others.

We find inspiration in these old shows.

These old radio shows have inspired us to create our very own Radio Show in the tradition of the Old Time Radio Classics. Our first show is in production now. The  exact release date is not scheduled  as of yet, that will change as the project gets closer to completion. At this stage of the shows development, we have a finished radio script and have begun some initial testing production.

Please enjoy the following Sample production of our First Show *(Currently in Production)

A Tentative Schedule of Upcoming Old Time Radio Shows from Hard-Boiled Radio, a division of Hard-Boiled Books. 

  • May: The Double Trouble Caper (Sam Hill) 
  • June: Dead Reckoning (Sam Hill)
  • July:  The Forgetful Stripper (Harvey Valentine)
  • August: Mr. Nobody (Harvey Valentine)